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Anyone flying to CT soon (from anywhere in Aus)?


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Hi all

I have a package for my brother which I don't want to post.

If you have spare space in your suitcase, I can get someone to meet you either at the airport or wherever is convenient in Cape Town to collect - you won't have to do any running around (I know how that gets!!).

The package consists of:

  • 2nd hand iPad
  • 2nd hand tablet
  • Hark Yakka work shorts
  • some essential oils

The clothing tags will be removed so they can go in as second hand, nothing will be wrapped so you can inspect all goods.

I just don't trust the iPad with a postal/courier service in SA.

I'm on the Gold Coast, but will post/courier items to you wherever you are.


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It will be fine to courier. We do have online shopping here and courier serves work fine. Biggest problem will be tax on the ipad.

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Whatever you do DO NOT mark the package as second hand, even though the iPad is 2nd hand. I sent my brother a GPS for his boat which I had removed from my boat here in Aus and thought I was clever marking it 2nd hand (which it was) in an attempt to avoid questioning about duty/VAT. There was no issue with duty/VAT as that was calculated on the declared value but little did we know, he needed a special import permit for 2nd hand goods. It took about two weeks with lots of running around to get the silly piece of paper before the courier was allowed to release it.

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Hi Johnno - thanks for the tip!

I was hoping that if someone was flying in, they would take it in as their personal item so no duty would be payable (I'm happy for it to come out of the box etc.). Which is why I don't want to courier it. Or post it.

I have friends going over soon, but they are taking their own iPads, as well as their old ones (for the folks), so they can't legitimately lob another iPad onto that, so thought I would put a shout out for anyone else who may be heading over....

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