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Seabrook/Altona/Point Cook/Werribee


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Good day!

We were excited and had planned during the last 5 years to move to Doncaster or surrounding areas in the East. Lovely homes, great schools, etc.

Unfortunately it has come to my attention that we will probably never be able to afford actually buying a home there. It is just way to expensive and we need a 3 bedroom home. So I've started re investigating and after reading many forums (from Britain and USA as well) and going over google maps, etc etc etc. and then hearing from someone I know who has a sister who moved to Point Cook and loves it. We looked in that area and it looks nice. There are nice neat homes that we could actually afford and in Seabrook there is a fantastic public primary school. So seems great on paper. Beach is accessibly close, Seabrook is also close to the highway, there are train stations as well, and going by car its about a 40 min drive to CBD with traffic.

Now I'd like to hear from someone who has experience with these areas? Googling the topic gets very mixed results with STAY AWAY!! CRIME CENTRAL (really?) cant be that bad. OR STAY AWAY INHUMANE TRAFFIC. POLLUTION. FLOODING. It seems impossible to pick an area from the other side of the world based on others opinions.

But I need input please!! Why does Werribee have such a bad reputation? Would Seabrook or Point Cook be a terrible place? So nervous and so unsure. We need access to good public schools, and a neat 3 bedroom home with a garden that we can buy for roughly $450 000, in a decent area. Husband doesn't want to spend 3 hours a day commuting either. We have no idea where he will be working as of yet, but using the CBD as our midpoint. Homeschooling is always an option too.

Please throw me with opinions or other recommended areas!

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Hi, can't respond on the West as I've never lived there, but I don't think you should discard the East. Doing a quick search on RealEstateView you can find a 3 bedroom house in your budget in Ringwood or Mitcham. Granted it won't be the most lavish home or may be a unit or villa (ie simplex) but you can find them. You can go slightly further east as well and have an hour commute.

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Hi Mel-B,

Have a look at this post http://www.saaustralia.org/index.php/topic/39825-info-about-pakenham-or-cranbourne-area/ for some opinions on Point Cook and areas in the East.

I've lived in Point Cook for 3 years, so if you have any questions just ask.

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Thanks everyone! :)

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I loved in point cook as well for just over 3 years and now live in Pymble in Sydney, you are also very welcome to message me with direct questions.

As a springboard to get you started in Melbourne it's not a bad suburb to start off, public transport is a problem but that's one problem in a suburb that has other nice perks ( affordable,shopping,new homes,medical centres)

I made friends there that I still miss and think of often ( hello Esthee hope all swell there!)

It's a difficult decision but keep in mind you don't have to stay there if u are unhappy, we moved 4 times in 4 1/2 years, once was interstate, all because of job opportunity and rentals being sold. Nothing is set in stone and sometimes you should just go where the wind takes you.

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Hey there,

My wife would agree with you on the inner SE. We could just never afford to have the kind of house we have in Eynesbury (out West) in those suburbs. We lived in Point Cook for 2 years, meeting quite a number of SA people there, but quite a few of us have moved on from there (some Sydney, some Perth :) ).

Eynesbury has no public transport (you have to drive to the nearest VLine) and has no real shops (1 small convenience store). But we love the peace and quiet and the school nearby is great for kids and community. Last night I sat on our patio, while the sprinklers did the nature strip, reading a book and watching the open grassland opposite us. Was nice and quiet.

What I'm trying to say is, don't head into a suburb to buy straight away. Point Cook has a lot of rentals. Rent for 6/12 months and see if you like an area. Things have probably changed a bit since we lived there nearly 2 years ago. But with Saltwater getting going, I can't help but think that peak hour traffic must be horrid. There are nowhere near as many buses as in the SE, and even then, they get stuck in the same traffic. And unless you rent/buy in one of the new estates (not Sanctuary Lakes...) that has FTTH/FTTN, your internet is going to be a nightmare. But it does have a lot of shops close by, which is a big plus.

Oh, and my commute is +- 1H20m each way (tram/metro/vline). But the VLine chairs are comfortable and easy to take a nap in. :)


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