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A question for the Christians

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Hi all,

Our pastor has been very vocal recently and preaching against immigrating. Just recently he's taking to telling the congregation that if you believe that you aren't safe in SA, then you should go, get out, because then you aren't safe, but if you believe you are safe, then you will be.


@McCabes, remind your pastor that unless he is an Aboriginal, chances are that he himself is a great great grand son of an immigrant. Edited by Gya
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I love your post... Maybe God has a plan to make His Christian army bigger in Australia.... If fact I think it's harder to be Christain in a country where more things seem to go right. Coming from SA we have learnt that we so need God in our lives. So in a leap of true FAITH I will move my family over in December, knowing God is with me and guiding me and the decisions I make. There will still be lessons to be learned but with God all things are possible.

I pray that we can all be little lights to shine and that Gods glory can be seen in Aus, it is such a beautiful country.... I feel blessed to be given this opportunity to take my children to a safer place, but I know my thanks to Him will be to carry His banner and spread Gods love.... I pray through fruits of Gods spirit, we may help more Australians see our wonderful God.

See you on the other side .... Let's shine for God!

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Crossingover you are so sweet, thank you. I really hope to see you on the other side!

My hubby just agreed to a 5 year plan... please keep me in your prayers, any of you who are willing to do so. I pray this is the real start of things for us.

PS... it's actually a 4 year plan... year 5 is "fly to Australia"... 'cause I'm sneaky like that, lol

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Great news McCabes, will certainly say a prayer for you!

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I am a "new" Christian, and with my engineering brain, sometimes struggle to comprehend that which cannot be proven. I guess that is where the faith comes in.

When we started the emigration process was around the time I started going to church and looking for spiritual answers. The whole emigration process went smoothly from start to finish, and our container was packed today. Throughout the whole process, I have had my doubts. I prayed (not as often as I should have) and really believe that this is the path that has been laid out for me by God.

I have been tempted to stay by friends, family and my bosses, but I have continued to stay true to what I believe is meant to be. I have had doubts, thinking that I could do more here to help the poor in SA by creating jobs, etc, but my new faith has kept me following the path I started. If I was meant to stray, surely there would be a sign that I was doing something wrong. Funnily, in last week's service, our minister also mentioned that we shouldn't be running away from problems in SA, and that God could use us more here. I wasn't happy with the comment, and will be discussing it with him before Sunday's service. As far as I am concerned, only God can tell you where you need to be and where he can use you. There will be people that He calls on the do His work in SA, but I'm not one of them. I believe this because I am certain that it is God's will that has been opening these doors for me.

Only you can tell what God's message is to you, not your Pastor or anyone else. If you believe you are following His will then that is all that matters.

God Bless.

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Jesus traveled away from his own country.

Christians are supposed to walk in Jesus's foot steps and strive to be like Jesus.

Jesus said:

MARK 6 VERSE 4: But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.

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Hi McCabe

we are a Christian family who after battling with this exact question have decided to leave. Interestingly, when I first spoke to my pastor, he was preparing a sermon series on Ruth. He felt that it was more important to know what god's plans are for you. Immediately after the Ruth series, he preached a three week series on 1 Cape Town. Boy was I confused. In wrestling with God's will for me and my family, I have come to realise that the thoughts and feelings placed on my heart are of God, althoug I would have liked the answers to be written in neon lights in the sky. What I have come to realise, is that unless God has specifically and clearly called you, he is greater than the geography of our lives. I also believe that God will open doors if we prayerfully consider our decision. God will not abandon us if we exercise our free will. Back to the story of Ruth. On the surface, Elimelech appeared to make a very bad decision which cost him and his two sons their lives. However from the outcome of his (mis)adventure to Moab came the line of David.

May God guide and bless you in your journey and decision. And yes I agree witht he previousposts; your pastor is just a man, flawed like all of us. Let your heart guide you

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