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Employment sponsorship as a ICT Project Administrator/Manager


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Hi all

Currently in the process of immigrating and require employment sponsorship as project administrator/manager. I am currently a ICT Project Manager.

I have more than 8 years experience and qualifications in this field. I applied for jobs via SEEK and MyCareers recruitment agencies, awaiting response. Did the IELTS thrice with an overall band score of 7.

Need help in this regard, so that my immigration process can go through successfully.


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Okay well then you have a decision to make, apply for a 189 or 190 skilled visa route, both require you to prove skills, have a job on the sol for 189 and csol 190.

The other choice is a 457 visa route which is a sponsored visa, this requires finding a sponsor. This is also not a Perm visa but a temp visa with a max validity of 4 years, this is not guarantee it will lead to being able to stay in Oz permanently.

There are advantages to each visa stream and disadvantages as well, it really depends on your circumstances.

On a side note the economy in Australia is softening and it is not as easy to get sponsored as it may have been in the past., not impossible but will take a considerable amount of research and networking.

I would also suggest looking at one or two states that you would like to live in, Australia about 8 times the size of South Africa so what going on in Perth for instances is not the same as Sydney, the sizes tends to lead to different economic circumstances between states.

Good luck with your search.

Just to say there are other visa that you can look into like regional but bringing in IT those visa will most likely not be suitable for your work choice.

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Sponsorships for a 457 in the IT industry in general are very rare if not non existent. There are far too many people already here with those skills and companies are forced to source talent locally before being allowed to sponsor.

You need to be in an extremely specialized area that has high demand and a low number of skilled workers to choose from.

On the Seek and MyCareers application story. Unfortunately recruiters here are very spoilt for choice, there are quite literally hundreds of people applying for the positions advertised and they are lazy when it comes to responding.

The first thing they look for is where you are and if you are not in Australia your application is not even considered. If you are lucky enough to get a response in the first place it will more than likely be a dear John letter.

I'm not saying this to sound negative or destroy your hopes of emmigrating from South Africa, I just want you to be aware of the reality at the moment. You need to have a visa with working rights and you need to be in the country.

The only real options for people in the IT industry are the 189 and 190 as chzaau mentioned above.

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Hi there

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.

My RPL submitted to the Australian Computer Society, awaiting results June month.

Thank you

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I think the RPL is your best hope. I work in ICT and my company refuses to sponsor any more people.

Think how hard it is to interview someone over Skype who is from a completely different culture and country. I have interviewed a few people who are new in Australia. I struggle all the time to read these people and I do it in person.

Three of us ( none of whom were born in Australia ) OKed a guy to start at my work. But luckily he took a mandatory psych test which he failed hopelessly. But we all thought he he was a great hire. I guess we were way off.

Just imagine if we had sponsored him?


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How about giving me a chance nad sponsoring me?

Unfortunately, its like I said, we do not sponsor anymore.

I guess it boils down to most of our work in Australia is just executing on projects. The "real" R&D is done in Europe. So we can find plenty of local people with the skills we need.


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