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Just thank you and Hello


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So it all started last year November when I was approached to apply for a job in Australia. Did several interviews during December, one or two of them in my Uncles Bar, while on our annual December holiday. And then the confirmation, one day before Christmas, "Congrats you where successful."

We used this forum for research on most topics around immigration to Australia and found most threads very helpful, in my opinion, lacking info on the 457 visa, and what is needed to get one.

We still have a long road to travel, before reaching Australia, our Visa application and medicals (all doc's submitted apart from police clearance certificates) got submitted by my new employers HR department last week. Now the wait begins.

At least now we can focus on getting the Wife registered with the WA department of education, this also sounds to be a lot of fun.

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All the best, may the balance of your process be quick and painless.

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Welcome and good luck.

I was also looking into going on a 457, but most of the info relates to PR.

It takes a while to find out which info pertains to you.

I just like the support from the forum, and one can always ask general questions.

I had to do a lot of research on the 457 (esp as the regulations in term of it changes almost every 6 months) on my own on other sites.

Take care

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