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Tired of the wait


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My husband and I applied for the contributory parent visa in February 2013 via Migrate2Oz, to join our sons and their families in Brisbane. Immigration gave a timeline of 12 - 13 months. Unfortunately they are about 8 months behind so we have decided to go on a travel visa and sit out the time till the migration visa comes through. Unfortunately this now involves extra costs but I cannot not earn a salary and pay rent. Sow are booked to fly out from Durban early April. The paperwork required by Exchange Control is quite laborious, also trying to find travel/medical insurance to cover us once in Aus is not easy. My husband is 73 years old and quite a problem to find cover (never mind he does not have any medical conditions). Have managed to get cover for April via AIG in south Africa for 1 month, so will have to source further cover once in Aus. also travel visa is for 3 months at a time so will apply for extension once in Aus. Anyway cannot wait to go to a first world country and see our children and our grandchildren of 6 months and 11 weeks. :ilikeit: Once the visa comes through then it is job hunting time.

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Just wanted to say good luck Lynn!

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