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I have written a post on the forum before, but we were still unsure of our plans at that stage. Hence, I have been lurking and reading all the posts and generally getting a feel for what life is like in Aus.

My husband has been offered a job in Perth on the 457 visa, and this will include my 14 year old son and I (and my baby, our maltese). We have finally after much soul-searching, over analysing and deliberating, decided to accept the offer and make the big move. I cannot tell you how much this forum has helped in allowing us to adjust to the idea of settling in another country where we know very few people and leaving our family behind.

We are making the move for many reasons, but the major one is being able to give our son a better future. We know we are extremely lucky that we have been afforded this opportunity and are looking forward to starting the whole process. Hopefully it will all go well and our little family will be there in the New Year. My husband will be going across as soon as his 457 is through, and my son and I will follow. We have decided to let him finish the school year here, and start fresh next year.

Whew, am excited and extremely nervous at the same time!

Thanks to all on the forum for all the invaluable advice and assistance.

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Will your husband's employer help with a more permanent visa later?

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Thank you. We are going through a range of emotions at the moment, but know it's going to be a good move for us. Still have to break the news to family and friends

Yes, assistance with permanent residence is one of our stipulations as we don't want to make the move for a few year and then have to come back. It has to be all or nothing!

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