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Hi everybody

My wife and I decided to start the process to immigrate to Australia.

We feel that our children(new born and 2 year old) do not have a future here in SA.

We're at the very beginning of this journey so any help will be appreciated

My Wife has her own Accounting Business and i'm a IT specialist for the biggest SI in Africa

We would probably be looking at moving to Sydney.

I'd go to work for a similar company and ideally we'd like to open a new accounting business for my wife(after some studies to get up to speed with the Aus tax laws)

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Hey Cuanh, welcome to the forum and good luck with the rest of the process. Start by getting all you documents together like unabridged birth certificates for the whole family, unabridged marriage certificate, passports, yours and your wife's degrees, certificates, academic transcripts and module details, of course it depends on who's qualifications your are going to apply with.

Some of these things can be difficult to get hold of and these days you have no idea how long the department of home affairs will take to process anything. You could wait a week for marriage and birth certificates or you could wait 3 months.

Here's a link to the 100 step process.


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welcome, good luck for the journey

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Welcome... Ya documents are an essential starting place, I think you are too young but army clearance proved to be a tough certificate to get too.

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