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South African in northern beaches


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Hi all, iv been living in Australia for the past three months and relocated to Northern beaches. I'm just wondering if there are any South Africans around. I'm finding it all quite different from home in terms of how unfriendly some people are here. Anyone else noticed this or is it just me? Laura

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Hi Laura, yes and no, in a way. We have been in Sydney 5 years and moved out to the Northern Beaches (Belrose) just over a year ago. With the move to the burbs I thought I was loosing my marbles, it really threw me. Where exactly do you stay? And how old are you? Family or just you? Where do you work? Why did you choose Northern Beaches? While we found people to be mega friendly, we discovered that so many people here are born and bred here, so really did not have to go out of their way to make any more friends, as they had more than enough all ready. Who could blame them. The people I met would have all their siblings, parents, in laws, etc. in walking distance from them. How lucky! I think it rubbed salt in my wounds. Fast forward a year, I have almost cracked it. We bought our own house, became "rent a crowd" and turned up for anything, joined everything, volunteered for anything... If you are young and single, you are better off living in spitting distance of Manly Beach or in the Inner West, Inner East, Marrickville, Newtown or other places young singles live. I would go as far as to say that on the Northern Beaches you will be lost without a family of your own (including at least one kid). Saying that, it might be possible, but you will be the exception rather than the rule. Give me a shout if you need any more specific info, or need your hair done (I'm a home hairdresser).

ps. My niece joined The Sydney Surf Group on facebook when she arrived in Sydney and made loads of friends through them. There is also a relatively active Meetup group for South Africans, check them out. http://www.meetup.com/Friends-of-SouthAfrica/ Good luck.

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Hi Laura

I arrived in AU 2007 and came straight to the NB - coming from Joburg we HAD to be by the seaside lol

I agree with what Rozelle said in that one of the main factors will be your age and family/kids etc

Some of the NB suburbs are very family orientated where others eg Manly are better suited for young singles

Let us know abit more about you so we can try assist further - or PM me if you like



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