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Hey guys,
I have decided to be brave and I have bought an 4x4. Now my little Corolla is unhappy, because she wants to be loved and driven all the time, and daddy likes this big ugly ute more than her.
She is desperately looking for a new mummy or daddy to adopt her. I bought her in April 2011 for $31k, and she has everything that opens and closes, but no in-build Sat Nav
But I am prepared to throw in the Navigon that is sitting on the dash for free as a sweetener.
Guys, if you are interested, I am looking for 16K, they are selling for 19/20k, have a look on carsales.com.au, and those have lots of km's on the meter.
This girl did 33020km, and is in excellent condition. Another thing to consider for those who knows me well is that I drive like an old fart, so she has never being abused, or driven hard. She has one capped service of $130 left, and if she continues to be serviced by Castle Hill Toyota, then her warranty is extended for another three years, and services are capped to $185.
She is a gem of a car, but unfortunately because of my midlife crisis I have to sell her.
If you want to have a look, let me know, 0405746731.




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Wow! Great car and I would have seriously considered buying it as my daughter is looking for a new second hand car and you're living in my valley, but $16000 is just a little bit more than what she can spend. I'm sure though that you'll get a quick buyer. Good luck with the sale!

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Thanks' Heymanse.... she is a good girl, was taken by the first bloke that saw her, could not believe how many calls I got, from people who saw it on carsales. A man from Wagga Wagga phoned me and said he is on his way, had to tell him he is too late. Sad to see her go though :(

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