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Zuma's goverment...shocking!


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I received this by email yesterday

"Mandela's cabinet consisted of 28 ministers and their deputies.

Thabo Mbeki cabinet consisted of 28 ministers and their deputies.

Jacob Zuma cabinet consists of 64 ministers and 64 deputy ministers.

Each minister has 8 bodyguards
Each minister has 2 mansions in Cape Town and in Pretoria.

Each deputy minister has 8 bodyguards.
Each deputy minister has 2 mansions in Cape Town and in Pretoria.

In 2009 when the Zuma government took over, auditor general reported a loss of R8 billion.

In 2010 we lost R15 billion.
In 2011 n 2012 we lost R20 billion.
In 2013 we lost R31 billion.

America has about 400 million citizens and Obama cabinet consists of only 20 people.

South Africa has 51 million citizens and is the only country in the world that has the biggest cabinet that consist of 128 people.

Our debt is R1 trillion.

As you vote on May 7th, think about the billions we lose every year, monies that could have created jobs.

South Africa, how much more are we prepared to lose under Zuma.
If he retains his presidency on May 7th, do we have another 5 years to remain under this man?
How much more are we prepared to lose?"

Shocking if this is true!!!

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Even if not entirely correct the figures aren't far off!

With an economy in trouble and a population that's growing it really makes a person worry more and more about friends and family stuck over there!

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I am sure these facts are mostly true as nothing in SA surprises us any more. I think that we are unfortunately getting use to the corruption which is very sad but true.

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Even if they had ten or a hundred, the few poor bastards who try to do good are drowned out. An old saying, the flashes of brilliance are drowned in a sea of mediocrity and uselessness.

Be Frank, you could have built Zoomas compound, for around ten to twenty million. Don't tell me for a second he didn't know what was going on. This is the same man who headed up intelligence for the ANC, and was instrumental in suppressing camp Quatro uprisings.

What it means is the poor suffer. As mostly former tax payers we are largely free of this burden but we all share in the disgust at the arrogance of these people when they flaunt their tax granted powers. I've said it before and I'll say it again, a million real tax payers cannot carry 51 million people, somewhere something must break, and when it does, innocent people will be hurt or worse.

I've been up in the belly of the beast a long time ago, and man the guys who are in charge of ideology and policy, just cannot see logic. It's frightening to see these guys gripped with an almost religious fervour about the woes of capitalsim..

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