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Loooking for Afrikaans tutor in Perth


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I married an Afrikaans woman and we are living in Perth. We are coming up to our fifth wedding anniversary and I want to surprise her by speaking a bit more Afrikaans to her. I work in Osborne Park 3 days a week. I have a tiny bit of knowledge of Afrikaans words

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I can't recommend anyone as I am in QLD, but just want to say, good on you, how romantic!

I'm a British migrant to RSA, so never got past immigrant Afrikaans, so good luck, I'm sure you'll find someone to help.

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Well, from my experience, stop five people in the street, at least two should be able to help ;)

Everywhere you go, you can hear Afrikaans being "praated".

Can't really help, unfortunately, but good luck. :)

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Looking for Afrikaans lessons in Perth:


I'm looking for an Afrikaans tutor to assist me in learning the language. I'm at beginner level and am primarily focused on speaking Afrikaans at an intermediate level.


I'm willing to travel or meet for lessons.


I'm living in Guildford.



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