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Just wanted to say hi, introduce ourselves, tell our story and thank all of you for the great information so far.

Hubby and I were both born in South Africa, but he moved to Germany when he was 8. He has German citizenship, and I am very nearly a German - had to renounce my SA citizenship, it took ages (9 months), but came through last week (the actual document is still on its way to Germany!).

We have lived in Ireland, England, currently live in Germany and next up is Australia - hubby wants a warm climate and I want safety and nature.

We've toyed with the idea of Australia since 2008, but finally decided to apply around Christmas 2013. Then the research started. We booked our IELTS immediately for 11 Jan 2014 - we weren't sure yet who the main applicant would be, so we both took the exams.

We then decided I would be the main applicant, because CPA assessment times are so much shorter than ACS, and my age is prime points for another 6 months!

EOI was submitted on 25 Feb 2014 for General Accountant with 60 points under 189 - hopefully we'll receive an invite soon.

We applied for PCC's already (SA, Ireland, Germany) - it proved to be difficult to get fingerprints done for the SA check in Germany - the local German police thought we were crazy and kept telling us to go away, it's not their job to take fingerprints. After 1.5 hours we convinced them it's okay, we won't be using it for unsolicited purposes - this came after a call to the SA Embassy in Germany, and a call to a bigger police station to confirm the process, internet research on the fingerprint form etc. Who would have thought this could be an issue?? We are currently awaiting the certs, it was logged on their system 1.5 weeks ago.

Next issue, CPA contacted me, saying I have to have my support documents re-certified, as the certification stamp is in German. Sure, this is how they do it here! We went around in circles for a while, but the thing is: you get your documents certifiied at the Town Hall in Germany. Even if you did ask a doctor, accountant or policeman, they will tell you to go to the Town Hall (because that is how Germans do it!). I was just about ready with plan B (post the docs to an SA Accountant friend in another city to certify in English) when CPA got back to me saying they would accept it, whoohoo!

Medicals done, nearly all documents ready to go, because we want to speed up the process.

Looking forward to hearing from you, meeting up eventually (aiming for Sydney) and offering any help where we can on our experience with the process.

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Hey there votties, welcome to the forum. You guys sound extremely organized doing the pcc's and medicals so soon. Bear in mind that when the visa does get granted you won't have much time to validate the visas. PCC's and medicals are only valid for a year from date of issue.

Hope things move along quickly and smoothly for you.

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Welcome to the forum

It sounds as if you are super organised, but remember as HEOJ says, your date of entry will be based on the date of either your p.c.c. or meds...............although some people fly over to validate and then return to wind up affairs etc.

Good luck with the rest of the process.

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It sounds like you are fast tracking it... Great .. The limbo is not for sissies.... All the best!

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Welcome to the forum and good luck with the rest of your journey.

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Look what is up the road from us in Sydney. http://www.germanschoolsydney.com/en/About-Us/

I know a few German South Africans who have kids there. Sydney is a very international city with many nationalities who have settled here. The range of languages being spoken in the parks and playgrounds are impressive. Good choice.

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Thanks for the warm welcome!

I just wanted to update you all that we received our invitation last week (10 March), and will be lodging application soon.

As I was lodging, and had to pay, I learned that my Neteller Prepaid Credit Card, with sufficient funds, has a daily transaction limit and the visa was more expensive than the limit allowed. So I had to devise a Plan B.

And yes, I'm aware of the 1 year time limit on PCC and Medicals, but we are looking at moving as soon as possible, so that was intentional.

RozelleM, I was reading your comments in another thread on areas tot live in Sydney - where would you live if you had no children (and no plans for any), but not single? Aiming more towards a coastline/beach, as far as possible.

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If I had a partner but no kids and wanted to live by a sea beach I would live in Manly. You can then jump on a ferry into the CBD. Its still close enough to national parks and the like for outdoor persuits. Forum friends did just that. Lived in a very cool flat in Manly for years, even eventually had two kids there. The have recently moved to Gordon, to a house with a big garden.

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