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Hi Everyone,

I have been perusing this sight for a few days now and I must say it is amazing! Thank you everyone for sharing.

My husband and I formally decided on the move last year, but decided to only start the application process in Jan this year.

Although we are both from SA, he has a New Zealand citizenship through decent so I am applying for a subclass 461 Visa. Has anyone gone through on a NZ family visa? I would love to hear about the process as it seems most people are going over as skilled.

I was also wondering if there are any other Speechies (Speech pathologists) around? Although I am not going over on a skilled visa, I will still need to get a skills assessment to practice in Aus.

Any advice is welcome... this process is rather daunting!

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Hi there and welcome to the forum.

Sorry that I can't offer any info but probably more questions. So hubby is NZ citizen and you will live and work in Australia on the temporary (5 year) 461 visa.

Do you plan to both apply for Australian p.r.?

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In 1990, I had a cousin visit me from the U.K. She worked on a Young Person's Working Visa for twelve months in Australia, and during that time met her future husband who was a New Zealander who had come to Australia when a young lad with his family.

They married, but as my cousin wanted to live in Australia, she had trouble getting a visa.

He had the right to work and live permanently in Australia as a New Zealand citizen, carrying an NZ passport, but the privileges of bringing a wife to Australia didn't extend to him, as a New Zealander, unfortunately.

It turned out to be a lengthy and rather more costly situation, than if he had become an Australian citizen during his time living in Australia.

It is do-able, but there are several bureaucratic hurdles to overcome.

All the same, I believe you will enjoy your new lifestyle in Australia with your hubby carrying his NZ passport with him.

Good luck.

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Hey there KSV2, welcome to the forum and good luck with the rest of the process and journey. Sorry can't help with the nz visa thingy, just wanted to bid you welcome to this little corner of happiness.

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Thanks for the welcome :)

Andrea: Yes, once we have settled we will both apply for PR.

Bob: There is now a visa specifically for family members of NZ citizens. It is a lot cheaper than going over as skilled and the total process to get the visa takes 4 months (No English tests etc). The down side is that the visa only lasts 5 years so we will both need to apply for PR during that 5 year period.

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I saw that when I checked out the 461 visa, so at least that is one issue out of the way and you have 5 years to get ducks in a row and do the application for Australian p.r.

I believe that there are about 640 000 New Zealanders currently living and working in Australia.

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