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Hi there.

I am fairly new to Australia and brand new to this forum and have a few questions. I am currently in Aus on a 1 year tourist visa. My boyfriend is Australian and after maintaining a long distance relationship for a year and a half I decided to come to Melbourne for a year whilst finishing my studies through UNISA. I will be looking to come over on a more permanent basis early next year. We will be applying for a de facto partner visa (309). I was wondering if anyone who has applied for/ been granted this visa before could give me some advice?

Is this visa granted fairly easily if you are able to prove the true and ongoing nature of your relationship?

Is it a case of "the more supporting documents the better?"

What is the actual processing time of the visa? (I know what it says on immi.gov.au but I was wondering how long it actually takes).

Would you advise dealing through an agent?

I hope someone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys

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Jroos, welcome to the forum. I cannot give you any valuable input on this type of visa, but wish you the best for your journey ahead.

P.S. is roos for your surname? My maiden name is also Roos...

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Hi Jroos

My boyfriend and I started our visa app in 2012 and I would have had to apply on a 'de facto' visa although we ended up getting married in 2013 so it was no longer necessary. I can however tell you that I was informed by our agents (Hitchcock and Asscociates) to gather as much evidence as possible proving the relationship. Anything that would prove the duration of your relationship will help. I gathered letters from our pastor, family members, I had mutual friends writing letters stating that we are in a committed and loving relationship, photos from throughout the relationship, shared flight tickets (paid from 1 account), shared accommodation, holidays together, ect.

good luck!

Phone records might also help :)

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Hi Jroos,

My wife and I have lodged our 300/100 visa applications, we did so without and agent and it was very straight forward. The 309 are the same forms, your partner completes a 40SP as your sponsor and you complete a 47SP and just answer the questions openly, honestly. You will need to provide info on the on going nature of your relationship, provide 2 x 888 forms as declarations from friends/family and provide as much info as you can on your relationship, shared accounts, photo's, invites as a couple etc.

So to answer your questions:

1. Yes

2. Yes

3. 3-6 months is the average time, my brother and his SA wife had them theirs in 3 months

4. We did ours ourselves, as did my brother and his spouse.

Hope that helps!



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Hi Jroos

Welcome to the forum. I'm also a newbie and a partner visa applicant. If you haven't already, please check out the DIBP website, specifically the Partner Visa Handbook. Everything you need to know is in there and you wont need an agent, if you have time and patience, as this is one of the most straightforward applications.

I have submitted a partner 309/100 (offshore) application from Dubai - the onshore version is 820/801. We have been married for 12 years with an 11 year-old son (who has Australian citizenship) and absolute mountains of evidence, but it is still going to take 12-18 months for the visa to be granted. To be fair, this is a Dubai issue rather than a DIBP or general issue.

Unfortunately, processing times for partner visas have stretched to much longer than 3-6 months and we also need to remember that South Africa is considered a high risk country (as in not eligible for automatic/electronic visit visa). A few years ago, these visas were being processed in 4-6 weeks, but clearly the system was being abused, so we all have to suffer as a result.

Yes, the visa is granted fairly easily if you have evidence of a "genuine and continuing" relationship but that's one of the reasons the processing times have become ridiculously long - it is almost too easy compared to skilled visa options and requirements, so they have had to clamp down.

You need to get your application in as soon as you can, but make sure that you meet the requirements for a de facto partner application, particularly the 12 months living together with proof of shared expenses and proof of how you stayed in touch while living apart. I'm not sure if being on a tourist visa at the moment has any ramifications, but please look into this before you apply.

I have checked other forums for processing times and even the UK and USA are taking at least 9 months to process partner visas. These are offshore, but you can use that as a guideline when you check processing times on the DIBP website. Having said that, things change very quickly, so times may become more reasonable in future.... or is that just wishful thinking on my part?!

There aren't too many partner visa applicants or enquiries on this forum but that is bound to change in the future with more and more South Africans becoming Australians.

Either way, all the best with your application and your studies and keep us posted as to how you get on.

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This thread reminds me of the movie 'Muriel's Wedding'. Have any of you seen it? Quite old now, but cool...

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