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Church Recommendations in Adelaide?


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Hi All

We are moving end of May beginning of June, and would like to know if any of you can recommend good churches in your areas?

We are part of a great church community now and very much involved in church, and would love to wiggle ourselves into a church as fast as possible.

Have a good day everyone!

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Try the Reformed Church in Hill Street, Campbelltown.

Campbelltown is in the north eastern suburbs of Adelaide.


There is also a new, off shoot Reformed Church started up about 5 years ago in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, if you're living down that way in Adelaide.


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I would guess it depends entirely on where you settle. No point in telling you there is a great church in the north if you're settling in the south.

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I'm not there yet, but have had the same question (very NB). Here are two the churches I have found that seem to be in some way relating to the church I am currently at. Have a look on the web for churches and then I suggest you have a look at there websites and see if there are any sermons available for download. Listern to a few of these and they may give you a better idea before you get there, if they will suite you or not.

Coastlands City Church (Was lead by an ex-South African a few years back)

Bayside Church (this is down South of Adelaide)

God bless.

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Oh Sorry guys should have said, we are looking at settling in the South.

Thanks so much for the replies, I will defo look at Bayside and Hallet Cove :)

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We are in the south, in an area, Old Reynella. We have been going to Edge Church in Reynella, since we arrived here in December 2011 and we are loving it! It has been our rock and joy to be a part of the Edge family. Have a look at their website www.edgechurch.com and download some podcast messages, it will stir your faith and inspire you! You owe it to yourself to visit Edge, when you arrive!

See you soon!


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Arrived in Adelaide last week and will be going to Trinity Church, it was recommended by my old pastor who is now based in Joondalup - Perth, and apparently very similar to what we are use to back home at Christ Church North Coast with solid Bible teaching. They offer 4 services on a Sunday. We will be catching the tram from Glenelg and going to the 10:30 service. I emailed one of the Pastors this morning and received a welcoming email immediately, he has also put us in touch with another SA couple who attend Trinity Church.

Will let you know how we found it

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