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Hi everyone.

There is an event on Facebook, the Global March for Lions, in a effort to stop the current uncontrolled canned hunting industry in South Africa. This March will be taking place world wide, and will be coming to Brisbane to, just keep an eye on the Facebook page of Global March for Lions.

The other fight we are currently involved in, is the voluteer industry, and the exploitation of voluteers, under the false banner of conservation. There is a Facebook page called Voluteers in Africa beware, that lists all places that use volunteers to help in their canned breeding programs. They charge these voluteers, up to $2000 for two weeks, to help take care of cubs and lions that end up in the canned industry. These volunteers are now speaking out, and exposing these places.

There are lists posted, and thorough inverstigation done into various places to establish if they are breeding for the canned industry, or can be recommended to volunteers. Our mission, is to cut off the money and voluteer influx to these places, hopefully shutting them down, or forcing them to do the right thing. This event is gaining momentum worldwide, with celebreties such as Ricky Gervis supporting the march, and tweeting about the cause.

Please if you are in an area, that has not got a march of its own, you can always register and organise one, by creating an event and page for your march. All support is welcome, as this industry does nothing for conservation, as the documentaries, and interviews with conservation specialist on the Facebook page will show you. If you don't know what canned hunting is, please look it up on YouTube.

Thank you.

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