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Valentines day poem


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A funny a friend shared


I smaak you stukkend, please say you'll be mine
You're my moon, my stars, my Camps Bay sunshine

You're my beaded love-letter, my breeze in the night
You're my rooibos, my koeksister, my blitz firelight

You make me feel better, you have the know-how
I smaak you even more than Durb's bunny-chow

You're my lamb-chop, my ribbetjies, my dröe wors et al
You're my Mrs Balls chutney, my samoosa Halaal

One smile from you and I float to the sky
I feel like the Springboks have just scored a try

You're my chilli, my roti, my eskimo pies
I'd rather have you than the Lotto first prize

And this letter my skattie, is only the start
'Cos you've taken the cable-car straight to my heart

You're my best friend, my lover, my very own partner
You're truly the tomato sauce on the slap chips of my life

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Ek smaak hom stukkend my broe. :ilikeit:

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