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Conflicting reports between Aus skills requirements and Industry reality


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As mentioned elsewhere there are currently an in-depth debate about the above topic and more specific to the Crisis in Engineering employment? Many of these comments may be applicable to other disciplines.

"The latest Skills Shortage report (See Fig 5, ( http://docs.employment.gov.au/system/files/doc/other/skillshortagesaustralia2012_13.pdf ) shows 30.5 applicants for each Engineering position, 23 qualified and only 3.3 suitable on average.

The report states:
"Reasons for unsuitability include lack of experience and poor communication skills" (p12).

And for vacancies:
"Among the professions, the strongest falls were recorded for science professionals and veterinarians (down by 77.7 per cent), followed by engineers (59.8 per cent)" (p19).

And despite the oversupply (and unsuitability of candidates), the sources of supply are undiminished:

From University:
"For Engineering and Related Technologies, commencements increased by 31.4 per cent or 4700 and completions increased by 24.6 per cent or 2000" (p11).
(ALL are going to deemed 'unsuitable' if LACK OF EXPERIENCE is the reason)

From overseas, EVERY branch of Engineering is still represented on the Skilled Occupation list:
(Most of these will be deemed 'unsuitable' by employers if they are not English speaking)

Something is seriously wrong if we are continuing to import and train THOUSANDS of Engineers each year AND the majority are unsuitable AND the demand is falling dramatically (itself an indicator of a major crisis).

Why doesn't this issue dominate the headlines - or have I missed something?"

(Written by: Andrew Franz - Software Project Manager)

a. What do you think is wrong and why?

b. Is this also applicable to your industry and type of job?

c. What do you think can be done about it?

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