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Medicare and separation


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Hi all

I did a forum search but nothing came up.

What happens with Medicare when you separate from your spouse?

Do I need to apply for my own Medicare card, does my husband need to get me taken off his card, has anyone got any clues or guidance?

We separated only recently but I want to look at all these things now already :(

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Hi Kit

There is a lot of assistance for seperated and divorced women. Start by going to the Medicare office and then to centerlink to see what subsidies are available to you.

Medicare is a govt. initiative, you do not need your spouse's approval.

Hope this helps

Best regards


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Yip, go to the Medicare office. They will issue you with a new card which will only have you on the card, with a new number. Your husband will keep the old card number, if he was listed as the principal applicant, i.e. If he was position number 1 on the card. Once they take you off his card, even if he does not notify them of the separation, they will issue him with an updated card, which will show that you are no longer listed on his card. I'm not quite sure what the situation is if you guys have children, suppose best to ask them for advice. Good luck.

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Best to go to Medicare and Centrelink.

Good luck during this tough time, take it one day at a time :hug:

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