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Tips to Surviving Australia


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Tips to Surviving Australia:

Don't ever put your hand down a hole for any reason WHATSOEVER.

The beer is stronger than you think, regardless of how strong you think it is.

Always carry a stick.

Air-conditioning is imperative.

Do not attempt to use Australian slang unless you are a trained linguist and extremely good in a fist fight.

Wear thick socks.

Take good maps. Stopping to ask directions only works when there are people nearby.

If you leave the urban areas, carry several litres of water with you at all times, or you will die.

Even in the most embellished stories told by Australians, there is always a core of truth that it is unwise to ignore.

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LOL these are good.

Been here 3 years now and I'm still not accustomed to using aircon 'willynilly' so I tend to 'suffer through' the muggy Brisbane days LOL and only put the aircon on when it's say 37C! It just seems such an extravagance after living in CT for 30 years! :whome:

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Nope drop bears are mythical - these are practical pieces of advice to be considered by all who are in Oz.


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I "root"intely put my foot in it. Lol. I also once said in a meeting, I specialise in using the backdoor to get difficult things done. (Meaning I lobby key people to get a decision) Man you should have seen the looks on their faces, followed by guffaws of laughter.

I also went to Bunnings and asked the lady for a router. She went red and said, What! I calling the manager! Turns out a "router" (a tool us DIY blokes use on wood to give it pretty edges) is pronounced "rowter" and not "rooter" like in SA. She heard that I was looking for a root...man was it funny in the end.

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My friend's boss called her in and asked her to take on some of a colleague's work because she was 'under the pump'. Haha to her eternal embarrassment she asked when the baby was due! This nogal in a full team meeting. She thought 'under the pump' meant pregnant.

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