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WA Police recruitment process


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So its been a wile since I've last been on the forum.

Just wanted to give some insight as to the whole Police recruitment process.

I applied to the WA police whilst still in RSA, and due to this my whole evaluation and interviews were to be scheduled in one week.

If you apply out of state and country this will be done, however if you apply within the state your process gets fanned out over a couple of weeks.

First of is the evaluation tests, if you have done some homework and looked at the stepforward site where they provide you with exemplars of the tests, please note the following. The tests are divided into different sections. The tests don't merely consist of +-24 questions. Each section is divided in different tests. For example the maths tests consists of about 34 questions. the difference between the real test and the exemplar is that the rel test is not a monkey puzzle, you have make the calculations and then wright the correct answer down. Take care to monitor the time allowed. The tests aren't that bad. After that we did the physical exam.

Have a look at the stepforward site and on youtube, they have examples of how and what is expected.

The firearm test and sit ups are easy. The riot control simulator can be tricky, looks easier as what it actually is. Take your time and focus on your balance and stance and take it step for step.

The beep test is way more difficult than as seen on youtube, you have to pace your self, it increases in speed with every lap, what really makes it difficult is that you have to run stop, turn and run to pick up speed again. Do not underestimate this test by merely thinking that if you can jog for a fix time, you will be ok, you need to work on speed exercises.

Lately is the agility test, all I can say is give it a 100% from start to finish.

After the physical comes the psych evaluation test, this consist of a test with more than 600 questions, some of which is very repetitive. Remain constant with your answering do not try and picture the questions in different situations take one situation and answer all questions accordingly. If you don't, if throws the results out as anomalies, and you will have to redo the tests. You only get two chances for this.

After you pass all these tests you will be invited for a psychological interview and then a panel interview, haven't done this yet but will let you know what to expect.

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