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Elections 2014 and Voting in Australia


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At present we may only vote in Canberra. Many of us would like to vote but won't go to Canberra. Please sign and share this petition which needs 50 000 votes and is currently only sitting at 3 000.


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I signed it so I can have my 3 cents worth of say. I say 3 cents because a 3 cent coin is rare and pretty useless much like the rulling party of South Africa.

I think it's awesome that the DA are pushing this campaign to get more voting centers overseas, what they forget is that as long as the rulling party have a 51% majority rule and can change legislation without the input of other parties, they will never authorize a change that could potentially cost them an election.

They know that as long as people have to pay for the privilege of voting that they simply won't. I know I'm not prepared to fork out airfare and accommodation costs just to vote in a one sided election.

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We land the day before voting! I would love to cast my vote but Canberra is a little too far too soon :(

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No funnies here Al but do you really think voting is going to make a difference? I voted in every election since I turned 18, both national and local government elections and never has the one extra vote for the DA ever helped them get a seat or break the 51% majority.

Some call it pessimism, I call it statistics. :P If I was in Canberra or could afford to get there I would probably vote just for the hell of it. Who knows maybe that one extra vote will eventually tip the scales one day.

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I seem to be more inclined to hoping that change is indeed coming... Change for the good... for a change.

Apartheid, which gets the blame at every convenient turn, lasted 46 years. I do not wish to debate wether it was wrong or right, but in that time the country seemed to flourish and grow and really made a mark on the the world in ways both good and bad.

SInce 1994 and the fall of apartheid, there do not seem to be many positives that have come out of the country. So in 20 years South African has not seemingly progressed. Oh yes we did win one world cup for ruggers! Let's thank the ANC for not taking that away. I recall Zuma saying a few years back that the country would have to be patient and go back before it goes forward... I just want to know at which time did he take a pay cut and go back so his"brothers" could get a new school or hospital? There is this Nkandla thing. Nice One!

Will it take another 26 years for things to change again? and what will be left in that time? I still have family in SA and while I have made my descision of where I will hang my hat, I do still wish the best for ALL of South Africa and hope and pray there will be something left of the place for my children to visit when they are adults.

My signing the petition is probably the biggest difference I can make but if its the only one I have, I best give it a shot.

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