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Hi All

A friend on another forum directed me here and boy am I glad for the recommendation.

My husband and I have recently made the decision to start looking into moving to Oz. Beside the daunting thought of leaving family and friends the whole application process is over whelming.

I'm in the agricultural industry, work as an animal nutritionist at a large poultry company in SA.

Any recommendations on the biggest agricultural regions in Aus or large poultry companies that I could start looking at.

Thanks so much

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Hi Welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately I cannot help you there. But I am sure the others will be able to assist.

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Hey Tazzn, welcome to the forum and good luck with the journey that lies ahead of you. This is truly an awesome corner in cyberspace. :ilikeit:

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Well, that was a hard one, but after entering "poultry companies in Australia" into Google, I got (among others) the following:




There is a Steggles as well, that I can think of just off the top of my head.

I suggest you do the search as I did - there are plenty more.

Oh, yes, welcome.

If you look down the right side on that page, you'll see ads for jobs as well.

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Hi and welcome to the forum

OBD has given you some good links....when I think chicken in Australia I don't think Early bird, I think Steggles or Inghams, so probably start there.

Also, before even thinking of looking at jobs, have a look at the DIBP site to see if your occupation is on the SOL or the CSOL................each occupation has an ANZCO code that will help you find the assessing authority for that occupation.

Good luck and shout out with any questions you may have.

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Thanks Inghams and Baiada seem to be Oz's biggest poultry companies so going to keep an eye on them. Will have a look at DIBP, can jsut mail the assessing authority to ask questions?

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Welcome Tazzn!

I would recommend (i.e., this is what I would do):

  • Apply for all unabridged certificates for your family, birth and marriage. These can take months, so it's best to just get it out of the way so you can concentrate on the other stuff
  • Find all your certificates - matric, diploma/degree, course information etc.
  • Check which code you want to be assessed for, and if it's still on the SOL (skilled occupation list) for the state you are interested in. Some of the occupation codes overlap, so check which is in greatest demand that still applies and maybe rather go for that one? Obviously that you will still qualify for, but as I say there is an overlap with some of them.
  • Contact the assessing authority with the code you want to be assessed for - though to be honest, it seems that most places have some, if not all the paperwork/instructions available on the internet... or maybe that's just the ACS... but maybe check the site first?
  • Based on the skills assessment turn-around time:
    • Book IELTS and ask for practice material on the forum
    • Work out when to apply for PCC

Good luck! :)

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