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Mechanical Engineering


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Hello everyone,

Are there any mechanical engineers who are NOT in the mining industry?

My main experience is in production / process engineering and project management and I have a BTech in Mechanical Engineering.

I have looked on Seek and the majority of the engineering jobs are looking for Australian experience and are for larger firms.

I want to know if there are smaller engineering workshops who do jigs, fixtures and press tools ect for larger companies? Will they also make use off Seek / employment agencies or do they use networking as a primary tool for hiring?

I have lodged my application for a 189 visa and we are still deciding between Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane. Melbourne has lost its appeal because of GM pulling out but i'm hoping that there are other engineering opportunities there because its our first choice!

I gather its best to be in Australia when applying, from the feedback I got from recruitment agencies, but just dont know where to be.......

I would appreciate any feedback from others who are in the same industry.

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Hi Ozpe I cannot help with your query but I hope you get some responses. Just interested because my son is studing Mech Eng 2nd year now :)

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The Engineers Australia group on Linkedin.com do have currently an in-depth discussion that may be of interest.

Topic: "If there is an engineering skills shortage in Australia why aren't companies recruiting more local graduates?"

The group also have a job board.

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