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My first posting


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Hi, new to the forum as I only discovered it yesterday and thought why not join. I've been in Perth, on a 457 visa, since 21 October 2005 and things went really well as far as getting permanent residence, 1May 2006 and citizenship 22 August 2008. It can happen without any hiccups sometimes.

Worked with a lot of ex- South Africans for many years and still do. We are all in the electrical power line industry quite a few ex Escom lads. Some have done really really well and are in senior management roles and others have chosen to remain in the field and make a heap of money working away from home and only being home for 2-3 days of every 14.

Like most I have some stories to tell mostly good and some really sad but for the most part my sons, now aged 15 and 19, have benefitted the most from the move and have had unbelievable opportunities afforded them that they would not have had in South Africa.

Been through the mill on the relationship front, getting divorced here after 16 years of marriage and recently seperating from the most wonderful person in the world because of ongoing issues with severe depression (3-4 years) and then not knowing how to deal with the issues and clamming up and trying to remedy them the wrong way.

I have varied experience in Australia as far as work and visas etc. are concerned so if anyone would like to contact me or ask a question about anything please feel free to do so.

Ek kan ook nog so bietjie Afrikaans onthou and is nodsteeds ten volle twee tallig en kan dus ook uithelp as mense Afrikaans verkies.

Shalom and keep Safe


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Hey KB

Welcome to the most awesomemest little corner of cyberspace. There are many different characters here and everyone has a story to tell which makes this the best source of information, comfort and inspiration. It helps to know that there are others who have gone before us and that we are not alone on this journey. Each of has a valuable contribution to make so please don't ever not post something because you think it's silly or insignificant. Look forward to sharing in you journey and reading about you experiences.

Welcome to the family.

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Hi KB and welcome! Sorry to hear you've had a rough time, but your experiences in Aus will hopefully help someone on here. We moved in 2006 and I still pop in & out of the forum depending on how busy life gets, but be warned - it can be addictive!

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Hozit KB, dankie vir jou over om te help. We are making the big move to Perth at the end of April and I am sure We will have tones of questions for you.

We are currently living in UK but sick of the cold weather. I'm from Bloemfontein but my wife is British. we've never been in the OZ so don't know what to expect, well we just go by what we read on this forum and the old interweb. The wife is a teacher and i do work as an electricians assistant on the London underground. Both of us have no job to go to, we are just biting the bullet, putting all our eggs in one basket and making the big move. We just have to make it work!!!

Weereens dankie


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