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Chartered Accountants in Perth


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My husband and I are both Chartered Accountants from South Africa and looking for jobs in Australia. We completed our articles at Ernst & Young and both have 12+ years of post- article experience, with extensive financial accounting and management experience .

We moved to Perth in October 2013 with our 2children and are currently looking for employment, ideally in Perth but will relocate to other cities if an employment opportunity arises.

No sponsorship required - we are on a PR visa.

Please contact me if you can help.

Kind regards

Karin Schreuder

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Hi Karin have you tried speaking to agencies or down grading on what they expect you to know.

We have landed a month in Sydney both accountants with lots of experience in industry but it means Zipo in Aus.

They want you to have local experiehere having experience on a SAP etc and other big guns etc in SA means

nothing here.

Have your fingers crossed .....PM me if want to network in Sydney NSW.

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AshB has a good point. The locals will never admit it, but they are scared of highly capable migrants. So, you might have to lower your expectations. It may take you 5 years to work your way back up.

Volunteer! Go and meet people in your area and talk to them about your job hunting. They may tell you useful things like, "we call it accounts payable here". Seek.com.au has a volunteering section. Putting volunteer work on your CV is pure gold here.

There is a perception that migrants take whatever job they can when they land and change jobs when the right one comes up. So on your CV under objective, imply that you are the kind of person who sticks around. Use words like "loyal" and make it sound like you were really happy in your job in RSA.

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