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I found the most amazing App for food control


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It's called the Easy Diet Diary, Australian Calorie Counter. It's a free app that lets you input what you have eaten or want to eat by scanning the barcodes of your food. It's so easy and I'm hooked! You can see the kilojules but also fat, sodium etc and juggle with quantities until you can eat some great food and still stay under your daily allowance. Best of all you eat what you already bought and it's so surprising how many kilojules in some stuff & how few in others! You can also input your excercise if you want to. Yay!

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How does it compare to My Fitness Pal?

Hey Enrica

Funnily I was just having that conversation with my SIL in Sydney, because that's what she uses. I had a quick look at it but it looked very busy. The Easy Diet Diary seems very simple, after 10 minutes I was into it. Fun scanning the stuff in your cupboard! If you give it a try & like it, let me know? B

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