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So true and our parents wanted us to be good after all that bad influence. :P

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Not to mention the first thing Popeye did was not try to reason things out, but he'd resort to violence. No wonder there are so many assaults these days.

Not to mention Wimpy and his gluttony - it's a wonder any of us are normal. :)

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And what about a witch who couldn't fly (Liewe Heksie) and a black monster who assaulted anyone who got near him (Knersus) and tha radio storie Siembamba who's tune said to "stomp on his head then he's dead? :)

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And what about 'Gobbolino the witch's cat' !

Cinderella's pumpkin was turned into a magic coach by means of WITCHCRAFT.

Snow White died because of a POISONED APPLE; the bad WITCH used witchcraft by consulting her magic mirror.

The princess slept because of a CURSE.

The beast was ugly because of a CURSE.

The frog that was in need of the princess's kiss was a frog because of a CURSE.

Rumpelstiltskin could turn hay into gold, the story based on an old Norse (?) pagan idol worship tale.

A WITCH kept Hansel and Gretel in a cage !!

Tom and Jerry constantly fought violently.

Tweety and Sylvester constantly fought vehemently.

Road Runner and the fox constantly tried to find ways to kill each other.

Think about dear Winnie the Pooh ~

Winnie is an addicted, obsessive compulsive eater

Rabbit is always angry and emotionally abusive towards his friends

Piglet is a self-belittling midget always wallowing in self-pity

Tigger is a couldn't-care-less-about-others who would thoughtlessly storm at and jump on others, not considering damage or hurt he causes

Kanga is a nervous over-protective mother who endlessly fusses about her son while he's trying to grow up

Owl is an all-knowing self-righteous instructor

Eey-Ore is also a pessimistic, self-absorbed, depressed character, who fails to ever see or say anything good or positive.

Christopher Robin is an asocial loner who finds refuge in his imaginary world, 'relating' to non-living toys as if they were alive.


Grows up with only a mother

Bambi is a skittish, shy little deer who gets drawn out from under his mother by a forward little female friend.

Loses his mother very young in the middle of winter because of BAD HUMANS

only then does his aloof father show up

a herd of impressive looking young male deer intimidates Bambi - and his father is in charge of this huge male-only crowd - you DON'T find this in nature ...

adult kind of love relationships are sweetly presented to an innocent crowd of immature young children, who actually have to only think about fun and play at that age (I was four when I first saw Bambi).

violent dogs threatens Feline's life,

An aggressive deer rival threatens Feline and Bambi's relationship

Fire is started in the woods because of BAD HUMANS

You can go on and on and on ... today's 'childrens' ' movies are no better ...

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