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This just came up on Facebook: postboxes being marked in Cape Town


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Terrible. Really sad. Post below made by someone on Facebook this evening below:


Found this mark on our post box this afternoon. It wasn't there this morning - should we be concerned!

And here are some of the comments on this post:

  • I would. This can't be an accident, obviously someone was scratching... could be a kid playing a stupid game. But I would go the paranoid way and remove the postbox straight away and buy a new one tomorrow.
  • ALWAYS be on the lookout for objects or markings that shouldn't be there. half bottles of water, half loaves of bread, a brick with a painted arrow (true story).. be suspicious of everything because you never know which one is the one that actually meant something...
  • Rather be super cautious and paranoid
  • do you have dogs, as spotters mark houses if there are dogs worth stealing
  • Don't put your address on this public forum. I would remove the markings or the post box immediately
  • yes 2 ridgebacks , they are only a year old. The male is big though.
  • why remove the post box and buy a new one? just paint the old one.. surely a neighbour nearby must have a can of white paint..
  • It looks like one of those plastic postboxes, and scratched. Filing the scratch, primer to get the paint to stick, paint, etc... they are R99 at Plastics for Africa, I thought it was quicker and easier to buy a new one... that's all
  • Rather safe than sorry. I am suspicious of everything, you just never know. Try to wipe it clean or paint it. Or remove it tonight so its just not there.
  • Also - microchip your dogs. Do anything to keep them safe. The graffiti of an "A" stands for Anarchy - especially in a star.
  • And it's a terrible thought thinking they may want to steal your dogs or worse so remove it and put it back once painted
  • Think you should cover it with a sign that says TWNW is watching you and this property run now while you are still able to.
  • hi iv read about markings and different sighns crooks use to mark a house, try and take the mark off and be coutious over the next few days and make dbl sure all is locked. they mark postboxes and also leave a coke tin somewhere near the door or something to let there tjomies know how many ppl are in a house and so on, diff markings mean diff things
  • snakes protecting this property.....
  • Due to tough economic conditions we are no longer be able to afford a warning shot first .............
  • Sorry, but forwarned is forarmed. Black = potential purebred breeder and fighting dog, Red = fighting dog, green = bait dog, yellow/pink = small dog (rat or rabbit) used to feed dogs after starving them so they learn to rip and tear to survive. Dog rings like purebreds as they are consider like that of a Stable. Clean your box, or change it, microchip your dogs and keep them out of sight.
  • They use markers, ribbons and cool aid bottles
  • Days before we had a armed robbery at our house we found strange objects and markings...only after we realised what they were about, now I check daily, I would remove it asap..
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