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Where will you stay in Australia

Guest May

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I started this topic because my observations and please contribute. We immigrated to Brisbane and then we immigrated to Perth.

I have to agree its another immigration. East Coast is not like WA so if you can afford it do both on your LSD.

Brisbane was incredibly lonely where we have a community of friends in Perth with a little less in terms of technology, sophistication and sights. Less community events as its not as robust as Brisbane.

I met a young man from Perth and we both in Brisbane for work and I can see and hear he is excited with the lifestyle as its vibrant. I did the topic on what to do in Perth and heard my SA neighbour in Jozi say she found people in Perth go about their own business and keep to their circles. Brisbane is more social. I had limited exposure to Sydney and none to Melbourne but those have to compared in relation to each other due to size. Perth and Brisbane in size.

What I want to know in terms of industry where will Perth grow. Its property hectically expensive. Oil and Gas industry huge. I need to find another job simply because the welfare of the new co. I joined is crippling.

I love Brisbane and agree Perth is a big town. A big PE.

Where does Perth's future lay?

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