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Hi Everyone,

Still finding my way around this site. This looks like an appropriate place to introduce myself. If not, please reply with a link to the preferred area. Thanks.

I'm Darren and am currently living in Greenwich London UK with my fiance Chris. I was born and raised in Sydney and country NSW - left Oz in late 1993. Have lived in Sydney, Brisbane, London (twice), New York City, Mumbai and Hyderabad (India). Chris was born and raised in Cape Town and left SA in 2007. Has lived in Cape Town, Durban, Maputo (Mozambique) and London. I've been a dual Oz and UK/EU citizen for ages. Chris is currently applying for UK/EU citizenship.

We are getting married in SA in Feb 2015 and looking at moving to Oz.

Am happy just reading through the thousands of previous posts at the moment - but hoping to answer a few questions, help a little, ask a question or two when needed and generally become a familiar member to everyone in coming weeks and months.


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Hi Darren

Welcome to the forum. Just shout out with any questions you might have.

Obviously you will be going the partner visa route, so good luck with that.

Gosh you've lived in some exciting places..............what were Hyderabad and Mumbai like?

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Hey Daren, welcome to the forum. Good luck with the wedding and visa. Really going to confuse the poor immigration official with all the places you have lived.

Ask (and answer) as many questions as you feel like, everyone here has there unique experiences which adds value to this forum.

Look forward to reading about your experiences. :ilikeit:

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Welcome, may your journey be a smooth one!

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