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Winter in Adelaide


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Just to ask those of you already there, how are the winters in Adelaide?

We received good news that we received our invite to lodge the visa. We are planning on lodging in the next week and hoping to be in Adelaide by End of May/beginning June.

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As far as our own personal research shows, you can more or less count on weather like you'll find in the Boland. Some say Adelaide is like Stellenbosch by the sea. Dry, hot summers and cold, wet winters. Hubby grew up in Cape Town and long to go to either Adelaide or Tasmania, in part because of the similarity in weather - he just LOVES the wet winters ! I'm a product of Namibia and the Free State, I long for those lovely summer rain where you can smell the warm earth getting wet with afternoon rain ... aaaahhh.

Anyways, I digress. Visit the Boland in the winter and see if you can live with it. Cape Town and Adelaide are on the same latitude, both on the coast, so you'll get quite a good idea.

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I lived in Cape Town and I find that the winters in Adelaide seem to be colder. I think that there are more "goldilocks days" in Cape Town whereas the cold is something that I struggle with at times. A lot of new migrants (especiially from the UK) get a shock at just how cold it can get at night here in Winter.

I live in Port Noarlunga. From one side of Adelaide to the other is 100 km and we have a wide and varied difference in weather between areas. I am only 28 km from the city but the temperatures in Summer are 3 or 4 degrees cooler and in Winter thay are 3 or 4 degrees warmer than the coty temperatures. The closeness to the ocean is the advantage here. I lived in a suburb called Old Reynella for a while and was shocked that somewhere so close (9km) could be so different in temperature. It was 5 degrees warmer in summer (not a good thing!) and in winter there were times that we scrapped ice off the windscreen!

I had my solar hot water system replaced on the roof of my Port Noarlunga house. I had the option of paying a little extra to have glycerol put in the system to protect it from freezing. I paid it but the installer though I was crazy as the ocean prevents minus temps in Port Noarlunga. Anyway, I did it justy in case. It did get as low as 3 dgrees last winter.


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I'm from Cape Town, and i have experienced winters in Sydney and Adelaide, and i always forget how cold these Australian cities can get in the winter.

I found them to be slightly cooler than Cape Town in winter. Here are some stats for Adelaide during the winter months:


Average High: 16.1 ©

Average Low: 8.1 ©

Rainfall: 79.3 (mm)


Average High: 15.3 ©

Average Low: 7.5 ©

Rainfall: 75.9 (mm)


Average High: 16.6 ©

Average Low: 8.2 ©

Rainfall: 69.3 (mm)

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wow, it only differs with really two or three degrees ! Seems quite liveable down there ... :ilikeit:

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I LOVE winters in Adelaide. I honestly love it!

It's not too cold (no freezing temps) and although it usually rains often, I really like it!

I hated cold, dry, bleak Jhb winters. It's beautiful and green here and the rain does not bother me.

Winter does last longer tho, by beginning Nov we usually pack away winter stuff only.. It really is still chilly in October/Nov..

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