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Hello to all in Canberra!

I see the ACT forum has been rather quiet. How is everyone doing?

Have the state job cuts been affecting any of you? (as i figure there will be momre unemployed people now in ACT)

Has anyone heard of or works for the company 'Cordelta'? i have been eyeing them as a potential employer and want to know what other fellow Saffers think of them.

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Maybe the heat is getting to them Usha................lol

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LOL - Hot ? Who mentioned hot ? This is just unbelievable weather. Makes me ugly.

Usha, there are still a few active Canberrans here, guaranteed not as many as the rest of Aus, but remember we are a tiny city of around 380 000.

Cant help you with Cordelta, googled them and they are a recruitment company right in the middle of Civic. Toitjie on the forum is in HR, she may know more about this field in Canberra. She is still active on the forum, so give her a day or two, she may be boiling or just too busy enjoying her new home town.

I cant personally say I have noticed many unemployed people around, but rumour has it and those in the know have predicted that things will quieten down quite significantly this year - and that's not just in Canberra. There is still work being advertised, but obviously one will need to compete with other potential work seekers.

We run a small HVAC (heating ventilation and cooling) business, and business has definitely slowed and people are watching their pennies, but its not all doom and gloom.

Good luck with your plans, and hoping Cordelta come through for you.

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hi usha....yes I just collected my melted self from where i was sitting in front of a fan......its now 6pm and you go outside at your peril. I swear I have never experienced heat like this. It actually scares me, animals die in this heat. Its 38 degrees for 6pm - that is madness!

But I digress. I have never heard of the recruitment agency you mention, but that does not mean much :) Im still new (2 months in) so I dont know all of them. I will dare say, due to reading previous posts, that its difficult going through an agency. For that reason I avoid them. I check www.seek.com.au everyday and apply for posts. Even if the posts are advertised by an agency, I try, but I have seen posts advertised by a certain agency, only to see the exact same posts advertised a month later again. When this happens the chances are 95% that the posts dont actually exist and that they are trying to broaden their database.

I have not been succesful in securing a job although that too does not mean much at the moment as people are still on leave. It seems half of Canberra goes to Bateman's Bay over Christmas and New Year's and the other half goes in January.

If you are eyeing this company to actually work for, I say go for it. Just get a job, any job. Later on, when you have ozzie experience, you can start moving around. People here move much more than what we were used to in SA. Good luck with finding a job...get that CV of yours up to date :)

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In terms of day care/ after care what do you fellow forum members do if both parents are working?

I'm currently working for a Bank here in SA that provides day care and my 4yr old is in a school that has the aftercare option. I know initially that both hubby and I will have to work and I am concerned about the options in Canberra. I had a look at a few centres and $450 a week is rather steep!

or is is not feasible for both to work taking into account child care fees?

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Well,since hearing that my occupation Residential care officer (Aged care) is on the list for ACT from July 2014, we opted for ACT rather than TAS.

As a single mom it was better to be closer to family in Melbourne. But now I'm stuck with finding employment.The story of a nurse will always find work doesn't seem so easy anymore. A few agencies say directly no visa applicants need to apply.

Nobody wants to confirm interest in employing you when you land in ACT and for the EOL and application I need only that.Not even a commitment for a joboffer is needed.

The only option is to fly in for interviews and hopefully come back with a joboffer in my back pocket :ilikeit:

Now to organize kids and leave on short notice.

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