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In need of a bigger car !


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Hi !!

We are in a weird situation: Baby is due mid February and grandma is recently widowed, is parttime under our care. Now we are in rather urgent need for a bigger car / combi / family van kind of car, with at least 7 seats with belts on all seats !

Strangeness of the situation is also that we expect our visa by the end of 2014 (God willing), so we don't mind an older car. We currently drive a 1994 camry (automatic), we would like it if it would be possible to find a car / van / combi 'old enough' to make a fairly square financial swop.

If anyone would know of such a deal available, or have such kind of vehicle for sale, please let me know ?

Edited to add, we live in Brackenfell, CT.

Please PM if you know someone or is that someone.

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