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Tropical Forrestry Services is a company that gows Indian Sandalwood in the Northen Australia and Northern Territory

We have approximatly 7500 hectares planted and is looking to do another 3000 hectares in the following 2 years we currently have approximatly 3500 hectares under drip irrigation and the new developments is also under drip irrigation

Our plantations is located in remote area's Kununurra,Katherine and the Douglas Daily

We are looking to employee Plantation Managers ,Foresters and Irrigation Managers

The company is prepared to Sponsor the right person on a 475 visa and assit with permanent visa after the mandotary 2 years

If this is some thing you are intrested in please email me

PS these areas suit people that love fishing ,camping and nature the infrastructures is not the best as this is very remote area's

Please consider this before applying


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Dear Norra

I have lived in Australia since 1989 and have lived in Cairns for the last 15 years. I do not have forestry experience but am a keen gardener and would be suited to hot regions, lack of infrastructure, nature etc. I would be interersted to know what positions are available, what the work would involve, whether there is any accommodation provided, what skills are needed etc.

thanks Witz

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If I didnt have to live in canberra for 2 years I would have applied. Trev

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Hi Norra,

My brother in law is a plantation manager some years already. He is very experienced in management, propagation, harvesting, fire control and prevention, HR management and pest management etc. He lives in very remote areas already so this wont bother him. He is a fishing nut.

May I send you his details? They would be more than happy to work the requisite years to obtain PR.

Kind Regards


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Hi Norra'

I have 15 years’ experience in forestry and related fields please send me more information.

Kind regards


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Send her a PM, so that she gets an email notification. Otherwise it might gather dust on here.

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