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Networking in Sydney - accounting & finance


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We are both leaving for Sydney with our 15 & 8 year old children in Jan 2014 in search of opportunities that may be available at the time.

We are both degreed, ielts 7s scores and over andres a pr visa. How daunting is the job hunting for us both in Sydney. We are prepare to start at the bottom although we are coming in with 20 year plus experience each.Any suggestions.....

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Hi Ash

In a way it is as you say, daunting.............you have decades of experience, but in South Africa and none in Australia, so they have no way to compare you.

It's all about attacking this as if you are at the start of your career, apply for every job, hundreds if possible, if you get rejected ask why, it gives you a chance to either streamline your resume and learn what companies are looking for.......................consider anything. Recently I can think of perhaps a half dozen foum members who have a specific skill set, but are working in totally different fields.

Priority one is any job, it pays the bills and gives you breathing space to search for the job you really want. You just have to keep trying, be open to opportunities that arise, however unusual, try and network with people from Sydney, research the job market there as thoroughly as you can and Good luck.

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There are two agencies I could recommend as both of them have ex-South African recruiters in the accounting line and they do go the extra mile for you. The one is Randstad and the the recruiter is Rob Lewis and the other one is Richard Lloyd and the recruiter is Nicola Longhurst.


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Hi Ash,

I was just about to email you Rob's details as well, he is South African and we chatted as we have mutual friends in South African Chinese Community he goes the extra mile.

Try Robert Half as well I was very comfortable with Doctor Hazaifa(also immigrant)(Doc)

Good Luck


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