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Software Engineer wanting to move


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Hi everyone,

My name is Johan and I'm a software engineer by profession. For years I have thought about making the move to another country and I have finally made the decision to start the immigration process. I guess my reasoning is the same as many other expats who have made the move already, that is to build a better quality of life abroad and to live unashamed, peacefully and equal to others.

From what I could gather out of the process so far, the hardest part is to find a company willing to employ from abroad. Hence, I think the most important element where I'd need help is to find a job so that the rest of the process may continue. Now, I've got no idea how things work in the Australian job market but if it's anything like South Africa where companies often employ recommended friends or acquaintances then I think the battle might be halfway won. If there are any other IT professionals out there who could spare some time to give me a couple of pointers it would be great! I'll ask some specific questions later on...

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone for their on-going contribution on this forum. It really helps to read about real-life experiences of people and to receive good advice from people who have been through this already.



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Hi Johan

Welcome to the forum.

Just to throw your careful plans up into the air, I would suggest starting off the visa process first.............I doubt that Australian companies will even sniff at your resume, unless you have work rights, so that involves either finding work and coming on a 457 visa, which can be risky if the work dries up as it is a temporary visa, or getting the permanent residence visa first and then looking for work................even then, you will find that although not impossible, it is far more difficult to source work whilst not in Australia, than in.

That is why many people get the visa and take a huge leap of faith in coming over with savings to tide them over for a while and actively job searching on the ground.

It is still a good idea to get I.T. professionals to give you tips and advice, but without a visa, you won't get here, so concentrate on that first, it can be time consuming,, particularly gathering documentation and getting your skills assessed.

Have you had a look round the DIBP (www.immi.gov.au) site already to determine if you are on the Skilled Occupations List and what type of visa subclass you might qualify for?

Anyhow, you've made the first steps, so please shout out with any questions you might have...............and a Merry Christmas to you.

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Welcome Johan, and good luck with your journey to Australia. It is lengthy and time consuming, but just do it, one bite at a time...it is definitely worth it!

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Welcome Othalis,

This is one scary ride!!! Made the decision in March and officially started the process in June this year. Things are really moving along now and we should have an outcome in 3-4 Months. Shooweee, this forum has been the best thing for us, and the advice and support is just amazing.

Good luck broer


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I moved to Melbourne on a 457 and joined a fantastic company, we will be able to apply for PR in 3 months through the company (Applying with the companies support after 2 years makes it really easy to get)

I doubt i would have been able to get PR directly as i don't have a degree, however i have a arms length of Microsoft certs and have 13 years experience in what i was hired to do (Microsoft Dynamics NAV), I got my job on Linked in through a recruiter who offered me a choice of 3 cities and i went with Melbourne and got it

What specific questions do you have?

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Hi everyone, thank you for the word of welcome. I've been doing lots of reading about immigration in general and specifically to Australia. For now, I need to do a bit more of that reading... I'll get back to the forum once I've hit a brick-wall on something.

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Welcome Johan

If after your reading you are aiming towards a skilled independent visa (Software Eng is on the SOL). You should keep in mind that this occupation is very popular and reached its quota last year and invitations are being issued on a pro-rata/points basis. Therefore, depending upon your total points score, there may be a bit of a queue in front of you.


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