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ADSL not available - Any advice on wireless / mobile broadband?


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Hi guys,

We are currently living Flagstaff Hill are unable to get ADSL with iiNet due being too far for the exchange. Apparently we are 7kms from the exchange, which is too far.

Before we look at the wireless / mobile broadband option, we are going to try Telstra to see if we can get broadband with them. According to iiNet we will have the same problems trying to get ADSL i.e. being too far from the exchange.

If we did decide to go with mobile / wireless broadband, are there any services providers you guys could recommend? Is the Skype quality still good with mobile / wireless broadband? Can you have a home network work multiple devices with mobile / wireless broadband?

Look forward to hearing from you guys.



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Try Adam Internet. We are with them and have naked ADSL. They also offer 3G. Worth a try.Their prices are very reasonable.

Also go to this page and put in your full address, it will tell you what services they can offer you. https://members.adam.com.au/signup/version2_16/main.php

I put in Flagstaff Hill 5159 and they said they can offer naked adsl but just check your full address.


(08) 8423 4030

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See if you have an internet jack somewhere in your house (should be in the TV room) - this is the connection you'll need for cable (just putting it out there in case you didn't know - I didn't, not until the tech at Telstra told me to look for it in the home because they didn't have a vacancy on the local ADSL grid or whatever - didn't know the difference between ADSL and cable until he explained it to me :blush::blush-anim-cl: )



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