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Gold Coast gathering?


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HI guys

I had agreed, a few months ago, to arrange a gathering for those in Brisbane/Gold Coast.

I would love to do a meet and great!

I have a few speedbumps getting in the way. Primarily because hubby and I will not get leave this year (apart from Christmas day and New years day). Hubby also works on weekends (all day Sat, and 10-4 on Sunday).

In this light, we would not easily manage a Brisbane trip.

Is anyone keen to meet on the Gold Coast?

Maybe for a Sunday breakfast or an evening? Or New Years Day?

We are starting to explore the area and can suggest some kid and/or dog friendly places. Maybe try one of those public BBQ's?

Coombahbah Wetlands offer easy kangaroo viewing, easy walks and plenty of space. Broadbeach or the Spit which offer a beach venue area?

Any ideas or suggestions welcome


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Good idea, we are also free and not doing anything around Christmas/New years, yes maybe one of those public areas would be good as we have dogs (we can also leave them at home). We are on the Gold Coast aswell.

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New Years Day sounds like a great plan.

Will wait and see if we get any other responses before we confirm venue and time

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Looks like we going to miss this by a couple days - only land mid January but I will be there for the next one

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Sorry we will miss you this time Humwill, but certainly see you at the next one....

or you could give us a shout when you arrive and we can set something up just for you!

Have a great trip, and enjoy the last few weeks back home!

Everyone else, New Years Day is ON! just need a time and a place, and maybe a few more people to join Sa2Nz2Oz and ourselves!

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Have you any suggestions to a venue? We kind of like Broadbeach park areas, just next to the beach aswell.

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Yes that is a great area. Not sure how busy it is over the holidays tho.

Do you have children? We can also choose a part of Broadbeach near the kids play area or further from it depending!

If dogs are a big part of the group, then we can go to the dog park on Musgrave Road (near the Sharks gym) as it has a BBQ area and a small kids play area. Only one BBQ there which we may have to compete for.

Or a picnic on the Spit where dogs can run free on the beach?

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Okay, my suggestions are as follows - feel free to comment/suggest

BBQ at Broadbeach (dogs welcome, but on leads, shady, kids play areas nearby)

BBQ at Musgrave park (lead free area, shady, kids play area nearby)

Picnic at the Spit (lead free area, not sure if there are BBQ places tho, no shade)

Picnic at Palm Beach (lead free area, some shade)

Due to possible New Years parties and resulting late morning, what about meeting late-ish on New Years Day? 4pm?

I would like to bring my dog, so any of the options would suit us.

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