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Job prospects:Sales and Marketing Manager


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Hi guys,

My fiancé and I have been investigating options open to us in making the big move to Australia. After some VERY bad advice from an ignorant agent regarding using my qualification as an attorney in South Africa and me being the main applicant we have narrowed down our options.

My fiancé will have to be the main applicant with his experience as a Sales and Marketing Manager being on the skills list for South Australia.

We will have to make the move (as most do) without a job offer.

I am wondering about job prospects for Sales and Marketing professionals in and around Adelaide.

I have heard of people really struggling to find jobs in Adelaide due to it being smaller and slower than other cities in Australia, but haven't seen any info with regard to Sales and Marketing.

Does any of you maybe have any info or advice with regards to this?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi there

I cannot give you any info on Sales and Marketing positions, but do recommend that you wait until after the skills assessment before putting your heart on a place.

We and very close friends of ours, had to change our destination city for the first two years after the skills assessment.

Wishing you the best of luck for the journey ahead.

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Thanks Bam

Unfortunately South Australia is currently the only state that sponsors Sales and Marketing Managers, so this rally is our only option. So really hoping that this works!.

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