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Lost my wife It's really hard being single SA male Aussie woman are scary ..


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It's not the ideal situation any poeple out there want to simpithise.

Happygolucky can be contacted by pm and can give further contact details if needed. AndreaL

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Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this, do you have friends and a support group in Perth to help?

I'm going to remove your mobile number and ask that if any people do want to contact you to support, they can pm you and you can decide then if you wish to give them your mobile.............it is just to risky to put personal details on an open forum. Hope you don't mind.


Is the separation recent? Is there someone you can talk to like a GP or pastor at church? Close friends etc.

From your title you are looking at meeting people but find Australian women scary................perhaps join a club that interests you and there may be women there who at least you share common interest with.

Are you still getting invited to braais etc by your previous social group in that they can possibly introduce you to females and "vet" them so to speak?

I know you probably don't want to share too much with complete strangers, but where are you based in Perth, perhaps the RSA contingent on here from Perth may have some suggestions.

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It's funny when you on your own you mix with differant people couples tend to not avoid but not too keen to have you round . I do feel like a spare wheel . But I will be ok .

Thanks for your concern i should join a club or something like that .

Have you got an idea of how many single SA peope are ther the thing is i think being on your own in a strange place Australia on your own is more stess full than immigration my view .

Thanks for you Input

I am from Natal north Coast Mandeni and did my training and worked in PmBurg for 12 yr lived in Pretoria for 2 yr been in Australia 15

Have a few trades


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I would imagine it IS much tougher being alone in another country. You've been here a long time though, do you think it is cultural differences?

I'm really interested to hear why you think Australian women are scary and what about online dating like eharmony...............I think I would be scared, but I suppose if it is as good as the adverts say it is......at least you might make some new friends.............friendships with both genders are important.

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Wishing only the best to you.

This is one journey I would never want to do without my hubby...

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There is a group called meetup in Perth, it is really worth taking the time to see what they get up to. info@meetup.com , I have not personally been involved with them but a couple of my friends have and they have done so many lovely fun things and met up with all kinds of people.

All the best and hope you find happiness along the way.

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So sorry to hear about your situation, being alone sucks.

My husband agrees with you, with no disrespect intended to Aussie woman, but he said if he came here on his own he would never get married.

He also finds them scary :angry2:

We are in Brisbane so unfortunately too far away to help, but sports clubs are generally good places to meet people.

All the best.

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