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CIO - Adelaide/ designated regional areas


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Received 489 Visa (State Nomination) invite South Australia 5 November and lodged this week. I have Australian Computer Society assessment as a Chief Information Officer (code 135111).

The 489 visa allows me and my family to:

  • stay in Australia for up to four years (this point is moot as we will apply for permanent residency asap as below!)
  • live, work and study in a specified regional area of Australia specified regional area of Australia
  • travel in and out of Australia while the visa is valid.

But more importantly, This visa provides a pathway to permanent residence through the skilled-regional (Residence) visa program. In effect, we will apply for permanent residency after two years in Australia, so there is no cause for concern from an Employer perspective as to how long we will be there.

In short, I'm looking for a senior/executive IT position preferably in Adelaide or a designated regional area. Platform and Industry agnostic.

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Good luck, hope your dreams for your life in Australia is realised. Just keep your options open for different positions. You may not secure a senior or executive post from the onset but may need to commence at intermediate or middle management and prove your worth. However, your skills may be highly sought, specialised and you may just step into a highly paid demanding job... Just saying ;)

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