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Mom and Dad Questions...


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OOO this is so true!!!!!!!!!!

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Ooo ee! There should be lines from dad asking all of those questions to mum. :P

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My children NEVER say: I'm cold - they will in mid winter rather ask: can I take my jacket off ?? Drive me nuts !! :lol:

Otherwise, I get ALL those questions and many more: Mommy, what sound does a giraffe make ? Mommy, what does 'generally' mean in Afrikaans ? When they ask those reaaaalllly intricate questions I can't answer, I say: Ask Daddy B)

Questions the kids most often ask their Daddy:

Daddy, come swing me !

Daddy, help me with this game !

Daddy, play lego with me !

Daddy, push my bike with the broom !

Daddy, chase us !

Daddy, pick me up !

Daddy, where do I click to go to the main menu ?

Daddy, what is Mommy's computer's password again ?
Daddy, sing: "Ek's 'n dapper muis' with me ?

Obviously Mommy is the cook, chef and cleaner and Daddy the playmate ... :wub:

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@ Lynnie - something like that at this stage, yes - but what else ? My little ones are small, in some ways still too small to help with some tasks, which naturally falls on me, with Daddy gone for 8 hrs a day to work, the work is done or 'done enough' by the time he gets back home. Then it's PLAYTIME !! Daddy does much shopping on my behalf on his way home from work, so that helps. Little ones does vacuum their room, hang their washed clothes and put it away when dry, make their beds (all within their limited age appropriate abilities, so I don't fret too much on imperfection, it's the heart and attitude that counts), and clean their bathroom. They love mopping of course, but in our living space, I have to 'mop up' after them when they're 'done' :) . They'll get bigger and my playtime will arrive as well ... all in due time ...

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