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Return from SARS


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Just in time for our SARS returns...

I finally received my tax return for 2012/2013 back from SARS, but it puzzles me...

They are questioning the number of dependents I claimed.

I guess it was because of my response to the question: "List all dependents."

I replied:

~ 16 million unemployed people

~ 8 million illegal immigrants

~ nearly 1 million people in overcrowded prisons

~ 234 members of Parliament

~ and a useless President with 6 wives...

SARS suggests that this is NOT correct.

I keep asking myself: "WHO DID I MISS???"

I'm really becoming forgetful in my old age...

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LMGA :ilikeit:

Zuma's 4 wives, 1 ex-wife, 1 fiancé and 36 children.

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