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Good Afternoon all,

So after spending the last day or so reading and reading and reading on this forum, I think I can say what a major good feeling it brings to someone new here, just how friendly the people are, and how they are really caring about people's lives and also the struggles and successes hitting the members.

My Story...

So my girlfriend and I, been together for 9 years now in Dec, decided in the beginning of the year to start looking at getting out of SA.

We had our eyes set on Canada for the longest time now, but then last week we just decided, we want to live near the beach, we also want to live somewhere, where we want to live forever.

Not too long ago we spoke about Perth, and how I have family there, but then we just said, but there's so many South Africans already living there. Why go there when we want something different. Then we ignored Aus. Then last weekend we actually got talking about how it will be to move to a country, where we know absolutely no one, and how daunting this must be. Then we started speaking about my uncle and aunt, who've been living in Perth for about 10 years with their 4 kids, and how awesome it would actually be to have family nearby for the beginning, and actually for the long run.

Then we decided, let's "Pack for Perth" as I've heard them say.

So I jumped onto the Aus Immi site, and started looking at our options.

My first instincts was to look into options where my family could sponsor me.

Then after spending hours on there, I realised that it isn't necessarily the best option.

So I just want to clarify for now, I will be the main applicant, as my job is on the SOL, I'm a Web Developer, which according to some googling, you can get in under the Developer/Programmer position. Also, I am not finished with my studies yet, but I already have 3.5 years experience as a web developer(Thanks to them accepting self employeed work, and recognizing more than 20 hours a week as full time work. Spend about 30 hours a week after hours and weekends.), and 8 Years Full Time IT Support, across many levels (Majority of the years at a large SA University as a Senior Consultant). So by the time I finish my 3 Year Diploma end of next year, I'll basically have the 5 years required by ACT for Skills Assessment, and I can't see something like Developer/Programmer leaving the SOL anytime soon. It's like every country I look at, that's what they want. So holding thumbs for that.

You might ask. Isn't it too early to start planning now, if you're only looking at sending in your EOI in over a year?

Yes, but no, cause gives me so much time to prepare, and research and learn all the ins and outs of the challenges ahead of us.

So I thank you for your time and would really actually appreciate anyone's feedback regarding this one question.

Should we go for independent skilled visa or have my family sponsor me?

Anyways, that's my story.


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Welcome to the forum. This is the best place to be. Although you still have a long way to go, you are right in saying that you now have enough time to get everything in order and to learn as much as possible.

Good luck with you journey!

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The origins of Packed for Perth will now be starting to get lost. It comes from the forerunner of the DA, the Progressive Federal Party or the PFP. A very liberal party in it's day (formed in 1977)


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Welcome, may the many questions you have, find their answers here!

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Hey Terry, welcome to the forum. It really is an awesome little corner of cyberspace. :ilikeit:

I can't remember where I read this (may have been somewhere on the forum) but ACS changed the way they access candidates. There was also something about work experience only being recognized in your profession post qualifications.

My suggestion would be to contact SD_MOA and get an initial assessment done. Stephen is an agent here on the forum and comes highly recommended and from what I've heard and read is somewhat of an expert with ACS and situations like yours.

You may think that starting to plan a year before submitting your EOI is a long time, it will fly by before you know it and you'll be left wondering what happened to the time.

Good luck with the planning and research and you can't go wrong here on the forum, there are many people who have walked this road and are only too happy to help with advice. It also helps to have a group of people who understand what you are going through.

Something else you will need to look at doing because you are not married is proving a defacto relationship but for you guys having been together for so long that shouldn't be difficult at all. Joint bank accounts, rental agreements/bond account in both your names and stuff like that.

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Hi Terry

Welcome to the forum. As HEOJ says, rather contact SD-MOA (Stephen Dickson) as I am pretty sure that what is posted above is correct re the work experience.

The following link may help http://www.acs.org.au/migration-skills-assessment/news-and-updates

Good luck.

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Well here's hoping that it isn't the case that they only recognize experience post qualification. It's pretty stupid if that is the case. Just doing some more reading on the ACS site now.

"5 years relevant work experience completed in the last 10 years or 6 years relevant work experience anytime in past work history."

For Diploma. It is so confusing. I also read on their site now the following.


The Skill Level Requirement Met Date will be noted on your ACS result letter and will be determined

by the outcome of the suitability criteria.

All relevant work experience completed after the Skill Level Requirement Met Date will be

considered Skilled Employment and eligible for points under the skilled migration points test.

The work experience required to meet the suitability criteria is NOT included as Skilled Employment

and is NOT eligible for points under the skilled migration points test.

The ACS assessment process will seek to find the earliest Skill Level Requirement Met Date possible

for each application.


You complete a relevant Bachelor in Jan 2008 and you have 4 years of relevant work experience from Jan

2008 until Jan 2012.

2 years of work experience will be used to satisfy the suitability criteria and your Skill Level Requirement

Met Date will be Jan 2010.

All suitable work experience completed after Jan 2010 will be considered Skilled Employment and

eligible for the skilled migration points test.

The 2 years of work experience used to satisfy the suitability criteria is NOT eligible for the skilled

migration points test but is assessed to meet the suitability criteria.

As I can see from this. It would seem it relates to the years of experience you can claim points for on your visa application.

Otherwise, there is one more alternative. Maybe trying to go on the Network and Systems Engineer on no tertiary qualification. I already actually have 8 years experience on that. Read through the description and it is very close to what I did. Especially 4 years spent as the person responsible for systems standardization, 2nd line support, ran some servers for Ghost, DHCP, PXE, as well as 2nd line network support.

The thing is the way that they describe the stuff is so confusing and gets you doubting yourself. Lol.

But hey, worth a shot. Maybe we can even get a successful skills assessment on just my 8 years experience I currently have.

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Welcome Terry.

As far as I know, you are understanding correctly - they will "use up" some of your experience to make up "suitability" (I view this as them seeing x number of years experience being equal to a degree depending on what you do - could be wrong though), so once those years have been used as part of your "qualification", you can't use them as years of experience anymore. So they will give you a date from which you can count work experience for the points test.

Good luck with everything - at least you have time to plan and can get everything sorted as you go. :)

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Geez. It really feels good being on a forum where people are friendly and supportive. Thanks to everyone for their input and advice so far.

I sent SD_MOA a PM. Hope he will be able to explain my options.

I have another question I was hoping someone would have an answer to.

My uncle might be willing to sponsor me. Will there be any costs for him?

I wouldn't want to put any additional burden on him. Also, say he says he isn't willing to sponsor me, worst case scenario though. How much money do you need as available funds? Saw somewhere that it says you need enough for 3 months, but can't see anywhere how much that could be.

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Hi Terry,

Go here, and then click on the Sponsors tab:


It has the info for what's required from a family sponsor, and the conditions that need to be met. Your sponsor needs to live in a designated area, and offer support for 2 years, and you still need to do the skills assessment and the english tests.

Just note that this is the 4 year provisional visa - it's not the permanent residency type of Visa. (I'm sure you can apply for PR after two years though - maybe one of the more experienced forumites can answer that...)

info on designated areas:


Hope this helps :)

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Thanks. I never noticed there were tabs there that you can click on. Think it is cause I was browsing that page on my phone.

I see there that it doesn't really mention anything about like the PArent thing has like a $50 000 amount that must be paid.

So hopefully this is not the same, and that basically all they must be willing to do is look after me for 2 years.

Well, I mailed SD_MOA with all my details. Dying in anticipation and also fearing a bit, what he might have to say about my chances.

Thanks again everyone.

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As far as I remember I think they might have to show they have funds available to support you and your family for a set amount of time (possibly the full two years?) - I know some people have to take out a loan for the amount determined - even if they never use it, they need to see they're approved for it and have access to it if they need it.

Good luck, hope Stephen gets back to you soon!

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welcome to the forum :D

Thanks. I already feel very welcome.

About the sponsor having to have fund available, that doesn't sound good....

Don't want to cost them anything.

Can someone maybe explain to me exactly how the state sponsorship thing works for the Skilled - Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) (subclass 489) visa.

Has anyone here gone this route? Will you then be able to use a position that is on the CSOL for the state you want to work in?

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Welcome. If Stephen doesn't pm you then go directly to his website and use his contact page there.

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Welcome. If Stephen doesn't pm you then go directly to his website and use his contact page there.

He has already PM'd me.

Mailed him everything he requested to do what he needs to do :-)

Guessing he's fast asleep right now.

No rush. Not planning on applying soon, just want to get an idea of my options and what I can look into soon.

But thanks :-)

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