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As promised the Sequel to my ealier posting, thank you for letting me rant and rave!

Don't think we really complain about how bad things are because everyone is in the same boat regardless of our differences, background etc. It is when the realisation comes that we can actually jump ship that the liberation comes that we can be free of a life of fear for ourselves and our families. This is what ties us all together this "THREAD", our new ship to a betterment of life and the journey thereof, exciting albeit scary when we hit the rough seas, is not an easy journey and takes much thought and courage but will eventually hit the calm upon which we will reap the fruits of our hard labour.

Our journey started a loooong time ago, we applied shortly after my eldest daughter's birth in 2002 through an agent. Got PR visa on my husband's qualifications and just litterly had to take the leap. But with new baby and another following in 2006 we thought our timing was off, went throught alot of drama including being robbed in our home whilst pregnant with a warning shot fired at us, still, somehow we clung onto the hope that things would improve in this country and eventually the timing alloted to us to go ran out.

This prompted us to have a serious look at our quality of life, not just the safety issues but corruption and the rat race to nowhere - working so hard to contribute to a country that does not offer much of a future for my girls. We re-applied and thank God were accepted again with cutoff to go by 2015. Never say the number 13 isn't lucky as this is the year 2013 that we decided we could take no more.

I resigned mid-year and Husband resigned in Sep giving company 4 mnths notice. We went to my family in CPT in Sep to give our last farewell - it was heartbreaking!!! My father is a German immigrant who came to SA in the 60/70's sponsored by our Government who at the time was importing skilled workers (he, being a Fitter and Turner at the time). He was part of a large group of Europeans: Germans, Spaniards, Italians etc. who in his field formed a wonderful bond and comaraderie who travelled and fell in love with our country in their spare time. It is here whilst travelling with his group of friends that he met my mother, fell in love and married his Afrikaans sweetheart. Before I turned 6 my family had packed up and moved between Germany and SA 3x times, country was very volatile and going through the riots etc., but my mom's heart stayed in SA and just could not integrate with the last move coming back just as I started school in Germany at 5 before I turned 6. As a result of all the moving back and forth I have two older siblings who were born in Germany and myself and younger sister who were born in SA. My parents lost a lot of money between all the moves as you all know even back then it was not a cheap desicion and we started school without being able to speak Afrikaans nor English, but boy, were we popular - hardly anyone travelled back then and you were a celebrity due to having your flying colours and offcourse speaking a foreign language!! We were a close-knit family without any grandparents and real family (we hardly kept in contact with my mother's family) thus know exactly how our kids feel - this however made us a force to be reckoned with and our family bond is stronger than ever - we only had one another! Anyhow, getting a bit off topic here - it was hard to say goodbey to my folks but I did mention to my dad that it was always a great possibility that at least 1 of his children would inherit his sense of adventure!! It is safe to say we all survived and have flourishing families of our own today.

We have not secured jobs as yet but ready to hit the ground running at arrival in Jan2014, decided on Sydney as it is most central. Gave the school 1x tem's notice to ensure we get our deposit back, got quotes from moving companies and got the estate agents out to valuate. 1st Couple to see house put in offer and had a 2nd offer as backup, the 1st offer went through and house sold - thank God! We have now narrowed down the moving company and in the process of completing forms this weekend to book our move. Husband is actually sitting across from me now booking our 1-way flights for Jan. We have narrowed down our search to St Ives and I have already emailed enquiries to 2x Public schools in the area that just seem to good to be true - cannot believe how much they have to offer!!!

Our journey is still in the eye of the storm but I can see a silver linning..........

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Welcome to the forum!!! All the best with the last couple of months in SA! You're so right, we are doing this for our kids too, and the schools do look great. We've been looking at Adelaide and was suprised how many of the primary schools offer German as a subject.

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Thanks Micah210 we are going to need it!

Adelaide has a good number of Germans thus the interest in offering as a subject, it's quite amazing how the Department of Education picks up on the demographics of specific areas and adjusts accordingly in terms of languages offered, even Mandarin - it just blows my mind how efficient they are, this from government schools, unheard of in SA!!

My kids attend a private school and they do not offer half of what some of these schools offer including the extra murals that you pay for on top of the school fees. I have been looking at the Gifted and Talented programs (offered in the selective public high schools and some public primary schools) with the extension and enrichment programs in most public primary schools, I'm at a loss for words at their offering.

This is what got me through those dark days - the knowledge that a government cares this much to equip children with so much support in their chosen areas of interest. You can have a look at link below for the Adelaide area:


Not sure whether this is the route you would like to follow, but it is an interesting read nonetheless!

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