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Accommodation/Lodging Sydney


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Good day all,

I have a question regarding possible lodging in Sydney.

I'm a single 31 y/o guy that intends to move over to Aus in March/April 2014 on my own.

We are all aware of the difficulty and cost of accommodation in Aus in general and I was wondering if there are possibly any families out there that might be willing to take someone like me in for lodging for the first month or two after my arrival? Maybe some of you guys are renting or owning a property with a garden flat or a room with a separate entrance and would like to earn a few extra dollars and hopefully save me a few dollars the first couple of months.

I understand that most people would be concerned with character issues etc but I am more than willing to prove my good character if anyone is interested in helping me out.

I also know that this is a bit premature as I'm looking at March/April 2014 for my move but I thought I'd just ask to see if this is a possibility.

Also has anyone else managed to make similar arrangements and how did it work out?

Hope to hear from you guys!!

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I think best is to book some short term, holiday type, acommodation and then try to get a rental. Unless some of our more settled members can help with a crash pad.

From what I understand, it is illegal for agents and landlords to rent you something without you actually inspecting the property first.

Then there is the application. They want you to have income and pass a 100 point identity check. Your salary slip, bank account statement and NSW drivers license all take time to arrive before you can really apply for anything. Ideally they want you to be a DINK (Dual Income, No Kids - always pays and minimal destruction)

We struggled to find something furnished under $600 a week untill we had a look on airbnb.

This place is quite good for starters. We stayed there for just over 2 months.


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Thanks Jacques,

I've been looking at Backpacker/Hostel accommodation too (cheapest I saw was $33 a night). But I don't know whether this is ideal for someone immigrating. I can't imagine that I'll be in the mood for parties and student travelers all over the place.

What is the possibility of getting long stay accommodation in a holiday/caravan park for the first few weeks? Will this be cheaper? I know of a holiday park just outside Narrabeen in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney.

First price will definitely be a South African family that is willing to take someone like me in for just a few weeks and help me find my feet.

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You can have a browse on domain.com.au or realestate.com.au under the share accommodation option. You will most likely find something there.

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I'm staying in a room I found on Airbnb. Its in the Hills District, so 40k's from the CBD, but at least its given me a feel for what its like living in the burbs. Costing me about $60 a day which is pretty cheap(ok, not in Rands, but you eventually get over it). I get free breakfast and there is a Microwave and fridge that we share with other guests. Close to buses so transport isn't a problem.

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