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Any Saffers in Kalgoorlie,WA?


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Hi guys

Any Saffers living/working in Kalgoorlie for some years?,need some imput from someone thats been there for a while.......

1. Which are the good areas to rent homes in.....? which ones to avoid.....?

2. Electricity rates compared to rest of Aus.....?

3. Any other cost of living info...

4. Good realtors to use....

We know that its a working town, so we coming over with eyes open......believe lots of red dust around.....semi outback......

Any further info will be appreciated....Hope there is a large SA community there too?


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Okay, blond question and too lazy to google now, where is Kalgoorlie?

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Hi there

You can contact a mate of mine living in Kalgoorlie.

Jaco van Tonder


Tel: +61499204357

If he does not answer at first, leave a message and he will phone you back.



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We stayed in Kalgoorlie in 2009/10 (10 months). Look at the following suburbs:



Hannans (Karkurla Rise and Karkurla View)

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My brother moved there a year and 8 months ago...they love it there..

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Thanks for the info Derek.....did you nit like it there?...Jill may i give your brother a call?.......ifso can you inbox me the details.....

Thanks guys.

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