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Looking for HR Truck Driver Jobs in Mackay, QLD


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Hey all fellow ex-South Africans, please can any of you assist me by letting me know if you are aware of a company or any private person (who you could refer me to) looking to employ an HR (Heavy Rigid) Truck Driver in either the Mackay or Townsville areas in Queensland?

My wife and I immigrated here since beginning of August this year and have settled in Mackay. My wife just recently managed to get a job at an Employment Agency (Neato) as an Employment Advisor but unfortunately on my side...I am having no joy at all. I have tried absolutely all different ways to find work. I'm 38 years old and I have 20 years working experience. My last position in South Africa was as a 'Regional Logistics Officer / Coordinator & Distribution Requirements Planner' for Unilever South Africa in their Ola Ice-cream division. I was with them for the last 6 years until leaving at end July to come through to settle here in Mackay, QLD, Australia.

My wife managed to get her Australian Citizenship by Descent as her father was born in Australia and so I then obtained my Australian Permanent Resident BC 100 (Spousal) Visa. We also have a 10 year old son.

To help with making my chances better at finding work, I have been taking driving lessons for HR Truck License and will be doing my actual driving test this coming Monday 4th Nov.

Any help at all will be really much appreciated.

Thanks guys.

You can also contact me via my email address which is: alleaumefrederic@gmail.com and Mobile Number: 0497 787 415.



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